When it rains, it pours! 2012 CFDA Fashion Fund

AS FASHIONABLE AS THEY LOOK……sometimes I really think fashion isn’t about Fashion anymore…it’s ALL about beign able to get into the right spot, with the right connections, at the right moment. In particular I am referring to the two “runners up” of the CFDA award this year (let’s leave the winner cathegory-apparel-that is not my expertise) really don’t deserve or need this prize. I am not talking about the fact that Tabitha Simmons is already loved by a great bunch of renowned stylists and is married to world famous fashion photogrpher Craig-Mc Dean!

And I am not even considering the fact that Jennifer Meyer MAGUIRE is already known at least in the celebrity field because of her husband. (actor Tobey Maguire!) and might not need the $ 100.000 cash prize….. HALLO?!?!? There are so many talented new desginers I can think of that are way more interesting and posses a much more distinctive design aesthetic that really could use the mentoring program that comes with the prize…. JUST LOOK AT THE PRODUCT…..Does anyone do that anymore when it comes to be “under the spotlights” ???

So much fuzziness, and drama, and bla bla talking take over PRODUCT…it all come down to a mere matter of sales, marketing and pr……and this is not primarly about passion dear Mr. Bailey…JUST look at the PRODUCT…..



No one ever dare to say this things anymore but this time they really got it wrong….yes, Mrs. Wintour..you too!

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