Brooklyn Bridge from the Brooklyn Heights Promenade

Today is the day I left New York two years ago, after been living there for 5 very long amazing years.Despite everything that this city, a unique place in the world has to offer, it was time for me to go…I still don’t know if I took the right decision…and I never will…at that time I wasn’t cut anymore for it…I needed a calmer place, I needed to be closer to my family and friends in Italy…I had a great job perspective ahead…today it’s pretty much confused mixed feelings that reign in my head…something is still missing…but I stopped wondering what it really is…

The day before leaving I took a walk over the brooklyn bridge, and down to the promenade in Brooklyn Heights, a great neighborhood where I first settled…It was one of those awsome autumn’s sunny afternoons, with clouds painted in the sky, and the city seemed to be screamimg at me: “why do you want to leave me?!” ; then I called my cousin Susan to tell her I would stop by later, a real newyorker for more than 30years now, and with her usual funny sarcasm she told me: “Don’t worry I will talk to you in a couple of months saying it’s pouring rain!It freezing!The snow is black!”And she made me laugh, once again, and I felt better…

 But the very last moment of my journey I almost had a meltdown: sitting on the plane ready to move, looking out the window at one of those airport “fingers” , sponsored by HSBC bank (i have to give them the credit for that…) there it was , that ” in nyc when you least expect it you find something new just around the corner” surprise effect…something I never saw before anywhere, a quote: not the overrated “I love NY” but ” NY LOVES YOU”…IN-CRE-DI-BLE ! Damn it! That place tricked me, AGAIN !!! It was the best goodbye ever , a proof that New York really has a vibrant wonderful soul…

I love you too.

The Brooklyn Height’s promenade overlooking Manhattan
Manhattan from the Brooklyn Bridge

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